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eMANits provides web design and web maintenance, security and backup services. We support small businesses with technical assistance and consulting.

What We Do

Mobile Ready

We design mobile ready, custom website for your business domain, quick turn around, hassle free…

All about website

We provide all sorts of services, from maintenance to security, to keep your website available for your customers.

Strong Web Presence

we build using latest design trends. You will have professional looking website with strong web presence.

About Us

We are New York City local IT business. Accessible, available and ready to talk to our customers at anytime, listening and helping with the needs of our clients. We work with different spectrum of industries. We are very efficient and well known by construction and architectural businesses. Here are some ratio of out client base by categories;

  • Architects and Contactors 75% 75%
  • Others (Non-profits, Offices etc..) 25% 25%

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Our Winning Formula

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Contact us about your website project or any technical issue you want to resolve in your office…

We are here to support your business.

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